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#3W - Pocket "Wrap Around" Apron
#3W - This is a three pocket apron just like my #3 except the back of the apron is wider and wraps around the employees waist to cover their pants pockets making it a little more difficult for them to put the money in their own pockets instead of the apron where it belongs. This makes your task of keeping a watchful eye on your help from a distance much easier. Nothing will stop a headstrong thief, but this may cut down on the leakage a point or two. The stock wrap around back is 36 inches wide. This can be made wider if needed. The tie belts on this apron are longer so they tie in front. This wrap around style back can be incorporated into almost all the different style aprons I manufacture.
@$22.75ea. - Tie Belt
NOTE:  We also make a modified version of this style apron in the SB - side buckle - PLEASE INQUIRE!

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