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When it comes to comes to waist style aprons there are some basic things you need to consider when picking out the correct apron for your use.  The number one thing should be pockets.  How many do you need and what will you be putting inside of them?  How much weight will be in the apron?  More weight - a wider belt is going to make this more comfortable.

Our standard build for 98% of all our aprons is 600 denier coated polyester.  This would, should and does suffice for most of our customers.  Below is a list of various options that you my elect to pick in the building of any apron ( s ) for your use.
TIE BELTS - We use two inch binding which is sewn folded in half making a one inch width belt.  The stock belt is approximately 72" and is meant to be tied behind your back.  It you want longer ties we can add extra length as an option.
FABRICS - Standard fabric is 600 denier coated polyester.  We can also use fabrics such as NYLON, CORDURA, BALLASTIC NYLON & CANVAS - please be mindful that CANVAS: has a few drawbacks or concerns - 1 - It can fade quicker when washed or even in prolonged use - 2 - It can shrink some after washing as will wrinkle more in that process.  In our most popular coated polyester we stock: BLACK, FOREST-HUNTER GREEN, PURPLE, ROYAL BLUE, RED.
SB-SIDE RELEASE BUCKLE BELTS - We use a strong HIGH GRADE two inch side release buckle with heavy two inch polypropylene belt.  This is by far the most popular option for a variety of reasons!  It is generally much more comfortable giving your back more support.  They are neater in appearance.  Once adjusting the belt to your waist properly  - quick on and off with no sagging.  Our standard belt adjusts from about a 22" to 48" waist - longs can be made for larger waistlines giving you a MUCH wider range.
BINDING/TRIM - We use a top quality high count cotton binding on our standard trim colors of: BLACK - BLUE - GREEN - GOLD - RED.  We also have NYLON binding for our really bright/florescent color trim.  This NYLON binding is an option that adds cost to an apron because the cost of this type binding is over three-fold the cost of cotton binding.  We have to use this for the bright-/fluorescent colors because you can not obtain these bright colors in the dye process for cotton binding. Please inquire about any concerns or questions with the difference of these two trim types and will gladly explain.
EMBROIDERY-SCREEN PRINTING - We do both in the personalization of aprons all the time.  Embroidery is the preferred choice for perhaps putting your name on an apron and by far a more cost effective way as well.  Screen printing is generally reserved for larger orders that are ALL going to have the same print on each.  You will have a screen plate charge possibly making it cost prohibitive for a single apron.  Please inquire about any personalization whether it be your name, company name, logo or whatever.  We will present you with information so you can make an informed decision that will work best your intended objective and budget.
HOOK & LOOP BELTS - This is also known as Velcro to many, but that is only a brand name of what is technically hook & loop fastener.  This style belt is very comfortable but needs to be made custom to your waistline!  It is not a good option when you are outfitting multiple employees because there is no such thing has "one size fits all".  We make this from two inch webbing as well.
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