CCA/Custom Change Aprons
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#3C - This is just a smaller version of my stock three pocket apron. It has three pockets straight across the front. It has been designed for smaller people and children - your little up-and-coming stars. It is made from the same materials and sewn the same as any of my adult/bigger aprons. The apron in this picture has been placed over a piece of fabric the size of an adult #6HP apron just for comparison. The stock apron is approximately 18 inches wide by 10 inches high. The pockets are approximately 7 inches high. The apron shown here has optional monogramming. As in all my aprons, this can be changed to meet your needs.
@$13.00ea. - Tie Belt
@$16.00ea. - w/wide Adjustable Side Buckle Belt
@$16.50ea. - w/wide Hook & Loop ( Velcro ) Belt
#3C - Child - Small Adult Apron
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