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#6HP - Six Pocket / Hidden Pocket Apron
#6HP - Six pocket apron with three pockets in the front and three pockets in the back. This apron is very unique in the way that it is sewn. It appears like a five pocket apron but has a VERY secure hidden pocket which is the middle back pocket. If you were to put your hand in the back slanted pockets, then slide your hand over towards the center in line with your belly button, then slide your hand straight down, is where the hidden pocket is. This apron is very popular with outside vendors who work in high traffic areas. The hidden back pocket gives the operator a separate and much safer place to keep big bills out of sight, making them less vulnerable so you don't mix a 20 or a 50 dollar bill or larger with your singles by mistake. NONE of my aprons are pick-pocket proof, but this one just makes a pick-pockets job a much more difficult. The stock apron is approximately 22 inches wide by 16 inches high (17-1/2" with buckle belt). The front pockets are approximately 9 inches high and back pockets start at that height and travel upward toward the top edge of the apron. The apron shown here has the optional two inch wide side buckle belt* on it. As in all my aprons, this can be changed to meet your needs.
@$21.25ea. - Tie Belt
@$24.25ea. - w/wide Adjustable Side Buckle Belt
@$24.75ea. - w/wide Hook & Loop ( Velcro ) Belt
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