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#6HP/CM - This apron is just like the #6HP but has small left and right upper pockets. One of these small upper pockets is for holding things like business cards, and the other one is divided and has two pen/marker sleeves for holding marking type pens. This apron is very popular with balloon artists, clowns, and magicians but certainly NOT limited to just that.  Anyone looking for an apron with small upper pockets to put pens, markers, business cars cell phones - whatever.  Once again as our name "custom" implies, that is what we do! The stock apron is approximately 22 inches wide by 16 inches high. The front pockets are approximately 9 inches high. Back pockets start at that height and travel upward toward the top edge of the apron. The apron shown here has the optional two inch wide side buckle belt* on it. As in all my aprons, the pocket configuration can be changed as with any apron I make to custom fit your needs.
#6CM - Clown-Magician-Balloon Artist Apron
@$23.00ea. - Tie Belt
@$26.00ea. - w/wide Adjustable Side Buckle Belt*
@$26.50ea. - w/wide Hook & Loop ( Velcro ) Belt

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