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Monogram - Embroidery - Personalization
Most all of our products can be personalized.  This may be with your own name, company name/logo, clipart design, or combination of all three.  If you are doing a single apron, embroidery makes the most sense.  Most would agree that embroidery-monogramming is generally nicer than screen printing.  With screen printing you will incur a plate/setup fee and perhaps a per item print charge.  As a general rule embroidery is the most cost effective way to go for single items and screen printing is usually for multiple runs of the same print/design on each product.  There are many variables and many ways to accomplish the task when it comes to personaliztion of products.  Embroidery cost is based on stich count.  More stitches - more details = more money.

To try and explain all the variables of this would require MANY pages.  Please contact us by telephone and we will present you with options and help you work within your budget to get the job done.  Below are just a few aprons with some personaliztion just to give you an idea and reference point.
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