CCA/Custom Change Aprons
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@$18.50ea. - Tie Belt
@$21.50ea. - w/wide Adjustable Side Buckle Belt*
@$22.00ea. - w/wide Hook & Loop ( Velcro ) Belt
#4DS - This is a four pocket apron with two sets of two pockets one behind the other. It is like the #4A with the exception that the back pockets are slanted and somewhat deeper because they travel up at an angle to the top edge of the apron. The stock apron is approximately 22 inches wide by 14 inches high. The front pockets are approximately 9 inches high and back pockets start at that height and travel upward toward the top. The apron shown here has the optional two inch wide side buckle belt* on it. The middle slanted pocket is a different color fabric in this photo only for contrast reasons. As in all my aprons, this can be changed to meet your needs.
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#4DS - Four Pocket Apron