CCA/Custom Change Aprons
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#4 - This is a four pocket multi-purpose apron with three pockets straight across the front with one deeper pocket right behind the center one. This is a very universal apron and can be used in many operations. The center back pocket can be used to hold big bills and/or odd change. This apron is very popular for arcade change attendants as well as most game operations. The stock apron is approximately 22 inches wide by 14 inches high. The pockets are approximately 9 inches high and back pocket 11 inches high.  The apron shown here has the optional two inch wide SB-side release buckle belt.  As in all my aprons, this can be changed to meet your needs.
@$16.50ea. - Tie Belt
@$19.50ea. - w/wide Adjustable Side Buckle Belt
@$20.00ea. - w/wide Hook & Loop ( Velcro ) Belt

#4 - Multi-Purpose Four Pocket Apron
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